The Addiction And Attraction Of Playing The Online Games

Gaming has been in the world wooing the generations since the 1940s. The first gaming box came into the world in the New York World’s Fair in the year 1940. It was made by Dr. Edward Uhler Condon, and it was played by 50,000 people in six months. Commercially the first game was designed by Ralph Baer in 1967, and it was called the “Brown Box.” The arcade gaming came into being in 1966-1967 was made by Sega and Taito. The game was called electro-mechanical games Periscope and Crown Special Soccer.

About five years after that came Atari, the first gaming company, to bring large-scale gaming into the forefront. Their electronic video game called Pong was released in the arcade machines around the shopping malls, bars, and bowling alleys.This trend expanded massively in 1972-1985 when the other companies realized the potential of gaming in the world.

This booming market saw many new companies come into the business with many innovative games. Later on, in time the home computers began invading the homes of the people. They had much better processors than the previous generation of arcades. They could support more complex games that were also not linear and boring. Since the beginning of the year 2000, the modern games came into being. The decreasing cost of internet connection means that online games are now more accessible to the people.

A majority of people who have the internet connection at home play some or other games. In fact, gaming has now moved from computers and laptops to mobiles.